Diigo newsmarks 08/03/2007

八月 4, 2007

200603TPN :: ValuesHacker » Blog Archive » ValuesHacker #4 — Freedom of Information  Annotated

    In this episode, we interview Johan Lidberg, who is a doctoral student and
    Freedom of Information (FoI) guru about the history, practice and use of Freedom
    of Information legislation. His thesis is titled: Keeping the Bastards
    Honest: The Promise and Practice of Freedom of Information – a Comparative

    In theory at least, Freedom of Information legislation leads to transparency
    in government. This goal seems as far away as ever now that “Commercial
    confidentiality” and “National Security” are trotted out as excuses to keep
    absolutely everything secret.
    Johan has been studying and testing the
    effetiveness of Freedom of Information legislation in a number of countries and
    has, as a result of his work, published an FoI
    to judge a number of countries on their implementation of Freedom of
    Information. Sweden gets 8.2/10, the US gets 3.7/10 and Australia only manages
    We talk about the history and current practice of FoI in a number of
    countries, see how it works and give some practical tips for those thinking of
    trying to find out just waht the government knows.


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