Diigo newsmarks 10/14/2009

十月 14, 2009
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    • The story — Dalai-Backed Violence Scars Lhasa — has won the first-prize of China News Prize, the highest honor a Chinese reporter can win, by a unanimous vote
    • result encourages media to report news, even “sensitive and negative” ones, in China to the world as quickly and truthfully as possible,” said Yin Yungong, a leading Chinese scholar of journalism and judging panel member of China News Prize.
    • Reporters Accept Hush Money to Conceal Colliery Disaster that exposed the corruption of journalists
    • At Least 14 Babies Develop Kidney Stones after Drinking Sanlu Milk, which triggered a health scare in China over infant milk powder
    • Shenzheng, a pilot city of China’s reform and opening-up policy, will stage a new law that holds news spokesman accountable for failing to release information “actively and timely” on Dec. 1, 2009.
    • “Press centers are a name card to show China’s openness, harmony and democracy to the world,” said Zhai Huisheng, director of Press Center for Celebrating the 60th Founding Anniversary of P.R. China and party secretary of China Journalist Association.
    • More than 160 central government organs and all the provinces and cities in China have established news release departments and appointed press spokesmen to enhance government transparency
    • promote the international image and perceived transparency of the People’s Liberation Army.
    • “China has always been trying to be sincere, open and transparent to the media since reform and opening-up, because transparency is in line with the country’s interests,” said Liu Binjie, director of General Administration of Press and Publication.
    • “China’s enhanced transparency to foreign media shows its determination to open even greater to the world in the long run,” Liu said.

      “We welcome fair and constructive criticism and we are confident in taking the challenges of journalists after 30 years of reform and opening-up,” Liu added.

    • “Negative news” that used to be buried are being released by official spokesmen, including the tainted milk powder scandal, infection of A/H1N1 and “mass incidents” or protests of various scales.
    • the State Council Information Office sent an invitationto overseas media offering support for objective and fair reports
    • China has been pacing up in promoting transparency since the 16th CPC National Congress, Yin said.

      The revised Regulations Concerning Foreign Journalists and Permanent Offices of Foreign News Agencies and Regulations on the Disclosure of Government Information are the two land marking laws that provide much greater freedom and convenience for foreign reporters, Yin said.

    • Timely and official press release can clarify facts, clear up misunderstandings and prevent panic,” Yin said.

      “Transparency has become a goal that China is determined to reach,

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    • Where a lawyer has brought a Freedom of Information Act action on behalf of six Guantanamo Bay detainees, the defendant U.S. Departments of Defense has complied with its statutory obligations and accordingly will be awarded summary judgment.
    • As DOD points out, based on a forty-hour work week, this represents almost six years of staff work. The search spanned six months, involving numerous personnel in Virginia, Florida, Cuba, and Europe, and resulted in the production or identification, by means of the Vaughn index, of over 10,000 responsive records. According to DOD, the effort undertaken in response to Oleskey’s FOIA request was ‘virtually unprecedented. ‘
    • What FOIA was intended to provide was an increased openness between the government and its citizens by requiring the production of requested non-exempt records located by a good faith search conducted by the agency that possesses them. The intent of the statute was met in this case.
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