Diigo newsmarks 06/03/2010

六月 3, 2010
  • tags: c拆迁, w问责制

  • tags: c拆迁, w问责制

  • tags: c拆迁, w问责制

  • tags: English, g官方对外媒体, c拆迁, tozotero, w问责制

    • The recent conviction of a government official for abuse of power in a forced demolition case
    • whether a national crackdown is in the offing with regard to similar cases
    • On May 26, the State Council issued an urgent circular on the issue
    • The document stipulates that authorities must use only lawful means to demolish accommodation, pay reasonable compensation to displaced residents and make plans to relocate such householders.
    • Ironically, local TV reported the same day that officials of a poverty-stricken county in north China’s Hebei province had demolished the homes of about 1,000 local residents within just 10 days – without signing contracts with the residents regarding compensation amounts or relocation plans
    • the next day, another resident was killed during a forced demolition drive in Xushui town in Zhengzhou, Henan province. While local officials said the resident committed suicide by jumping to his death, some witnesses say he was forced off the roof by demolishers
    • new rules on forced demolitions are in the pipeline, and hopefully, these will put an end to the nexus between real estate developers and local governments in unlawful and barbaric demolitions.
    • To protect the interests of residents from being infringed upon during such blatant violations, the central government needs to show more determination and bring such abusers of power to justice.

      That will not only help maintain the sanctity of the law but also the authority of the central government

  • tags: c拆迁, t突发事件公开, t土地, z主动公告

    • 当地媒体的相关报道已被宣传部下令封杀,当地媒体前往现场采访的记者给出了与官方说辞颇出入的另一版本。
    • 新华社河南分社发布的未署名通稿引述从郑州市委宣传部消息称,6月1日,“宇通汽车产业园建设指挥部”组织对十八里河镇南刘庄村“已经搬离住所且自愿拆迁的房屋实施正常拆迁工作”。




    • 事发后,管城区委区政府、公安机关立即组织人员赶赴现场,并禁止了当地媒体的报道,目前,河南警方正在对刘某实施抓捕,管城区政府已成立若干工作组处置善后事宜。

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