Diigo newsmarks 07/12/2010

七月 12, 2010
  • tags: x信息公开诉讼 b北京 c拆迁 p普通公民行使知情权 y原告资格

    • 法院认为,签拆迁协议的为陈光明,陈宝山不具有行政诉讼资格,一审驳回起诉。
    • 据了解,今年5月,陈宝山的儿子陈光明又向海淀房管局提出信息公开申请。


  • tags: x信息公开诉讼 b北京 c拆迁 p普通公民行使知情权

    • 陈宝山诉称,他原来位于香山买卖街61号的房子被北京龙海苑开发建设有限公司依据拆迁许可证拆除。但房屋被拆了6年多,土地一直荒着,没有任何建设。
    • 去年11月,陈宝山向海淀区房屋管理局提出信息公开申请,要求公开拆迁许可证核发依据等。海淀房管局答复称暂未查到相关信息。


    • 针对被告方的答辩,陈宝山的律师宋加宇说,香山买卖街61号是陈宝山于1981年申请的宅基地,申请后由其儿子居住,陈宝山是户主。
    • 宋加宇表示,根据信息公开条例,对信息公开申请,海淀区房管局对陈宝山的申请,只有三种答复,一是信息存在,予以公开,二是信息不存在或不予公开,三是信息在其他机关,告知陈宝山。但是,被告方的答复是“暂未查到”,这不是信息公开的法定形式。
  • tags: English x新法律 o欧盟 x信息再利用

    • establishment of an internal market and of a system ensuring that competition in the internal market is not distorted
    • The evolution towards an information and knowledge society influences the life of every citizen in the Community, inter alia, by enabling them to gain new ways of accessing and acquiring knowledge
    • Digital content plays an important role in this evolution. Content production has given rise to rapid job creation in recent years and continues to do so. Most of these jobs are created in small emerging companies
    • The public sector collects, produces, reproduces and disseminates a wide range of information in many areas of activity, such as social, economic, geographical, weather, tourist, business, patent and educational information
    • creation of conditions conducive to the development of Community-wide services. Public sector information is an important primary material for digital content products and services and will become an even more important content resource with the development of wireless content services
    • Broad cross-border geographical coverage will also be essential in this context. Wider possibilities of re-using public sector information should inter alia allow European companies to exploit its potential and contribute to economic growth and job creation.
    • differences in the rules and practices in the Member States relating to the exploitation of public sector information resources, which constitute barriers to bringing out the full economic potential of this key document resource. Traditional practice in public sector bodies in exploiting public sector information has developed in very disparate ways
    • differences in national regulations and practices or the absence of clarity hinder the smooth functioning of the internal market and the proper development of the information society in the Community
  • tags: english o欧盟 x信息再利用 q权威报告 tozotero

      • Terminate exclusive arrangements as prescribed by the Directive
      • Apply licensing and charging models that facilitate the re-use of PSI
      • Ensure fair competition between public sector bodies and re-users
    • set up quick and inexpensive conflict resolution mechanisms.
    • Scrutinise exclusive arrangements (2009-10) in particular
    • 2. Public Sector Information

      2.1. Economic aspects

      2.2. PSI and Web 2.0
      2.3. PSI as a driver of innovation and sustainable growth

    • 3. The Public Sector Information (PSI) Directive

      3.1. Key provisions

      3.1.1. Clear procedures to deal with requests for re-use

      3.1.2. Upper limit for charging

      3.1.3. Transparency of conditions applicable to re-use and means of redress

      3.1.4. Obligation to avoid discrimination between market players in the conditions for reuse
      3.1.5. Prohibition of exclusive arrangements, with the exception of the exclusive rights necessary for the provision of a service in the public interest

    • 6. Evaluation of the scope and impact of the Directive

      6.1. Impact of the Directive

      6.1.1. Increase in re-use of PSI

      6.1.2. Effects of the principles applied to charging

    • 6.2. Scope of the Directive

      6.2.1. Cultural institutions

      6.2.2. Educational institutions

      6.2.3. Public service broadcasting institutions

    • 7.1. National PSI bodies/dispute settlement bodies

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