Diigo newsmarks 09/27/2012

九月 27, 2012
  • tags: j检验标准 q权威报告 l联合国 m美洲人权条约 o欧洲安全与合作组织

    • the procedures for accessing information should be simple, rapid and free or low-cost
    • Public authorities should be required to meet minimum record management standards. Systems should be put in place to promote higher standards over time.
    • Those requesting information should have the possibility to appeal any refusals to disclose to an independent body with full powers to investigate and resolve such complaints.
    • National authorities should take active steps to address the culture of secrecy that still prevails in many countries within the public sector. This should include provision for sanctions for those who wilfully obstruct access to information. Steps should also be taken to promote broad public awareness of the access to information law.
    • Steps should be taken, including through the allocation of necessary resources and attention, to ensure effective implementation of access to information legislation.
  • tags: g官员财产公开 z浙江 x新政策

    • 浙江省委组织部相关处室负责人在接受记者采访时说,官员任职期间,将财产公布于众的做法,曾在宁波的慈溪施行过;但干部任前公布财产情况,并将之与提拔任命捆绑,磐安的做法在全省还是第一次。
    • 记者追问,一旦发现问题,会有哪些处理手段。


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