Diigo newsmarks 01/05/2013

一月 5, 2013
  • tags: p普通公民行使知情权 z灾害事故公开 d调查报告 w维权人士 case四川震后

    • organised a team of more than 50 volunteers to travel around the earthquake zone and collect the names of students who were killed (he believes there were more than 7,000) and record interviews with their parents.
    • team members have been stopped by police more than 20 times. The police usually confiscated or erased their recordings and threatened further retribution if they continued their work. On two occasions, volunteers were beaten. Several of the victims’ parents as well as foreign journalists have suffered similar thuggery. Parents have been warned not to protest. Some who have refused have been told they will be treated as supporters of Falun Gong, an outlawed sect, or of Tibetan independence, says Mr Ai.
    • Officials have not directly attempted to stop Mr Ai’s activities, but internet portals in Beijing often remove blog postings with updates on his name-gathering mission. In March police in Sichuan arrested an activist, Tan Zuoren, engaged in a project similar to Mr Ai’s. He is still in custody, as is Huang Qi, who was charged last year with possessing state secrets after gathering information on collapsed schools.
    • Mr Ai says the refusal of central leaders to admit policy failures has exacerbated parents’ frustration. In the 1990s, he says, shoddy school buildings were erected across China because of the government’s drive to provide enough classrooms for all children to undergo nine years of compulsory education. Building costs were supposed to be shared by central and local authorities, but the latter often failed to chip in. This led to quality problems.
  • tags: p普通公民行使知情权 z灾害事故公开 d调查报告 w维权人士 case四川震后

    • challenging the government to end what he calls its cover-up of incompetence in managing the response to an earthquake
    • creating a sensation in China by posting angry commentaries about the quake rescue efforts on his popular blog.
    • Mr. Ai criticizes the government’s management of the disaster response and chides officials for still not having provided a full accounting of schoolchildren’s deaths, which he and many others attribute to poorly constructed schools.
    • Huang Qi was arrested and charged with illegally possessing state secrets after he aided parents who demanded that those responsible for poor school construction be held accountable.
    • Harsh critics of the government are often censored, muffled or arrested, and crackdowns on dissent are common
    • Angry parents in Sichuan have demonstrated and pressed the government to explain why so many schools collapsed while other buildings nearby remained intact. Many blamed government corruption in the construction process for the differences in the stability of the buildings.
    • Public security agents have broken up many of the demonstrations and have even harassed parents for pressing the case.
    • Nearly 10 months after the earthquake, the Chinese government still says it is unclear how many children died in the rubble.
    • This month, Wei Hong, executive vice governor of Sichuan, told the news media that there was still no final number for children’s deaths and that experts had concluded that the intensity of the quake, and not poor construction, was the main reason for the high death toll.
    • “He’s totally crazy, he kept asking questions again and again,” the man said. “My colleague was quite cooperative and patient. You know, some data and reports on the student death toll, it’s not our duty to give him.”
    • dozens of interviews with grieving parents for the film.

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